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Vikings Gone Wild: best game for real true Viking.


Vikings Gone Wild is slowly becoming one of my favorite strategy games on Facebook, although the Clash of Clans is still a leader among other great strategies. Nevertheless it  is worth sometimes break away from the smartphone and use Facebook for something useful. You came here to find a guide to the game, some tips and tricks that will allow you to have a good start and that is why you should read this and know how to play to win.

vikings gone wild guide base

Fundamentals of building and designing a base

The key issue here is how to build your base and of course plan it in the first place. Certainly hold town hall in the middle, surrounding building by the wall. Place your Sheep Cannons reasonable to cover as much area of ​​the base as you can. This is a very important and useful weapon in the game because it has very huge range.

Gather your gold

When you start in the game you will notice that you need more gold than other resources, so make sure that you improve your factories of gold often. Nectar is also a very important resource but remember that gold is your main long term objective. Wall around your base are very expensive.

Build your army

At the start there is no reason to attack the bases of the other players, because you have only two types of units available. At this stage I would recommend keep focus on your progress in the base but if you want to attack so much then let warriors go first and archers behind them. This way you will get large number of valuable resources needed for early play. Remember to improve your Tavern because soon you will need more advanced units.

Avoid single player campaigns

It is easier to gain resources in the  multiplayer game because of the difficulty in single mode.

vikings gone wild lady

Upgrade units

While improving your units in Vikings Gone Wild their  effectiveness and skills increase especially  in combat. It is very important at the beginning of the adventure in the game to look improves are the best. For example, archers at the beginning only get a bonus for life, then they get some bonus damage and then they can last much longer in combat and damage enemy a lot harder.

Join the clan

It is always a good decision to join a clan / guild. Regarding this will unlock a lot of new options before reaching level 20. In addition to the new capabilities you will be able to benefit from the advice of other players, their tips and tricks and help.

How to earn free gems / diamonds in the Vikings Gone Wild?

To be continue… I’m working on something really interesting for that. Check it soon!

Below you have got few minutes of gameplay for Vikings Gone Wild.

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