Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Crystals & God Mode

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Crystals & God Mode


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mod apk was updated recently. Download it and check it by yourself. It is presently accessible with the expectation of god mode you all wanted to include in this mod. Great and released specially for Android and iOS devices, this little cheat lets you take over the game in no-time. Without this it is very difficult because of the hard difficulty level in the universe of Star Wars. Crystals can be earned by every next fight and some achievements. Nevertheless it’s often not enough to skill up your team. Spending cash to buy expensive items to boost like Assassin Droid groups or Dark Side Starter Packs is sometimes effortless and cost too much $$.
Our Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mod is secure. Feel free to use it without any cause !

To get your credits you are required  to fight with other Star Wars characters. In addition having a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mod makes your hero significantly more powerful because of the god mode. The more fights you start with this god mode, the more crystals you gain. By gaining crystals you dive deeper and deeper and start fighting for one of those special premium very rare cards from the Light Side or Dark Side of the force. Princess Leia, Lando Calrissian, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Cad Bane, Darth Maul and then real game starts.


How to use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK


Download File.

Unzip download file.

Password is:

Install it on your Android device.

Enjoy Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes !


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK Features


– Updated frequently

– God Mode (damage heals you)

– Unlimited Crystals & Credits (only online generator)

-Secure Anti-Ban

Last update on:

For browser: Crystals & Credits Online Generator


What this Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is all about?


People who love Star Wars and by the way, they are gamers have one thing in common. They want to win. You want to win and this mod gives you the opportunity and pushes a little bit your chances. This game lets you feel all these wonderful emotions.

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, fans gather the famous characters from the Star Wars universe, and then play them to win battles. Games uses icons from all the lore included in the latest of the universe. You get the opportunity to command heroes of cinematographic films – Star Wars: The Clone Wars and animated series – Star Wars Rebels.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes keeps focus on the collection of characters and playing them while turn-based fights. They are similar to normal RPGs, but the whole thing is limited only to fights and not any kind of exploration. Each character has its own special skills and attacks. It would not be a RPG game if there is no upgrade syndrome. There is a development system that allows you to gain skill and improve your strategy and the abilities of your characters. Another important thins is to choose appropriate equipment for your adventure. Unfortunately players can not start a team which include characters who belong to the bright and the dark side of the Force at the same time but it is normal. Good idea is to have more then one strategy because we never know what team of opponents we can occur.



Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod was tested and players using it were very positive for it. You’ll have open doors to unlimited items and you will figure out how to get access to all new characters you need to play with without paying one single penny. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is very nice RPG combat game and it is worth playing but give yourself a chance and try this mod apk and it’s god mode to speed up your level and be the force master.


For browser: Crystals & Credits Online Generator

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