Pokemon Go top secret easter eggs

Pokemon GO: all top secret easter eggs

Here I would like to keep track of all discovered easter eggs in Pokemon Go. Please, if you know about some of them I did not mention below, let me know. I will update this document.

1. Make a friend

In one of the updates there is a possibility to instigate your pokemon to be a buddy for you. After some time your best friend will give you some candies while walking about.


There is one exception. If you got Pikachu after walking 10 kilometers it will sit on your shoulder and it is clear message to all the fans of the movie with Ash Ketchum and his buddy.

Below there is video about 5 other Pokemon Go easter eggs.

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  1. jordan16 says:

    Maybe you can find some new tips for Pokemon Go 2 ? These are awesome 😀

  2. Sabrina says:

    Did not know about these tips, thanks :))

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