10 tricks to be a better Pokemon Go trainer

10 tricks to be a better Pokemon Go trainer

Remember these tips and tricks and you will be more successful player.

Many players search for all kinds of tips and tricks for the pokemon go game. Some of them even use cats and dogs and stick to them their smartphones for making extra distance to hatch eggs.
Don’t feel bad when you see others catching legendary pokemons. Most of them are fakes but there are some ways to improve your experience. See them below and become the best pokemon trainer.

pokemon go pikachu

1. Start from getting Pikachu

It is very trivial to get this rare creature just at the beginning. At start professor gives you a chance to choose between Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle. Just ignore it and go in any direction you want. After a while all three pokes will dissapear and Pikachu will show up. Then just catch it and it’s yours.


2. Use your bonuses wisely

It depends when you will use your bonus items like eggs. When a pokemon evolves you gain 500xp. When you open your egg you double that so use it in good moment. For example when you have a lot of common pokemons. Evolve them after opening an egg.

pokemon go common often

 3. Catch all of common pokemons

Yes, catch all of them. The main objective of Pokemon Go is to gain experience as a trainer. Due to that you level up and have opportunity to catch creatures harder to find on your way. Sometimes pokemons like Pidgey or Rattata are useful because you can trade them for candies from Professor.
Collect and give them to your pokemons to make them stronger and evolve.

pokemon go hold finger

4. Hold your finger

Hold your finger while throwing poke ball because then you will get some more points for style. Holding will make your poke ball spinning. Just make a little circles till ball sparks and throw it.
Every caught in this way creature gives you some more points.

pokemon go level up

5. Level up to 12-15 before you use stardust

Stardust makes your pokemons stronger. You get it every time when you do something successful in the game. Further you use it the better because it is not unlimited. It will be needed for these couple of pokemons you will use for fights.

pokemon go throw poke ball

6. Throw poke ball in good moment

Remember to try throwing poke ball when circle will be the smallest. Those circles are just way to tell when to throw it to gain the biggest amount of points.

pokemon go eggs

7. Always hatch eggs

By walking by the pokestops you gain some useful items like poke balls or eggs to hatch. After making some distance egg will open up and a pokemon will be born. When this distance is longer you gain stronger or better pokemon. Remeber, always hatch and egg and do not forget about putting egg to the incubator.

pokemon go at night

8. Play at night and specific areas

Some of pokemons are matched to the specific area. Water creatures are near lakes, natural near parks etc. etc. The same rule sticks for time of the day eg. you can catch Zubat easier at night.

pokemon go eevee evolution trick

9. Cheat Eevee’s evolution

Eevee is very cute and small pokemon but it evolves randomly into one of the most powerful in the game. There is a way you can overpass that and choose which one you like the most. Just give Eevee a name like Pyro(fire), Sparky(electrical) or Rainer(water). It is a one time so choose wisely.

pokemon go battle arena

10. How to win gym battles

The main reason for winning is your reaction time. Player gets a few moves to execute. Dodges, normal and special attacks. You have to watch over yellow glowing effect because it warns you before next attack of your enemy. Try to dodge exactly at that moment. At start of the fight opposite pokemon always attack so the first thing you should do is to dodge. Then attack immediately. Use your special attack as fast as it is possible. Have fun !


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